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Zardari Cycle Pe Ja Raha Tha.

Nawaz Sharif Mila Or Bola:
Allah Ke Nam Pe Kuch Tu De Do Sayen

Chal Aa Beth.
Tuj Ko 1 Aur ‘Chakkar’ Deta Hoon.

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Sorry SMS
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It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. .forgive me
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How can I begin to say I`m sorry.
I didn’t mean to upset you.
I hope that you can forgive me.I’m sorry.
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soke phool kbhi khusbudar hua ni krte
Dil mil kr kbhi Juda hua ni krte 
Hmari Khamion ko ho sake to muaf kr dena
kyun k Insan kabhi Khuda hua ni krte
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waqat noor ko be noor kr deta hai 
thoray se zakham ko nasoor kr deta hai 
koon chahta hai apnoon say door rehna
lekin waqat sb ko majboor kr deta hai
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Apology is a lovely perfume;it can turn d clumsiest moment in2 a gracious gift!plz forgive me
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Agar bhool k humse koi bhool hogayi ho
toh bhool samaj k bhula dena
magar bhulana sirf bhool ko
bhule se bhi hame na bhula dena
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Is suhanay rastay main kabhi apni raah morna nahi
Hath main hath rakhna Ye hath kabhi chorna nahi
Ho jaye jo kabhi koi ghalti
To naraz ho kar kabhi ye dil torna nahi
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Humse koi gila ho jaye to maaf karna
Yaad na kar paaye to maaf karna
Dil se to hum aapko bhulenge nahi
Ye dil hi ruk jaye to maaf karna
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< ( . . )> 
/ ( v) 
Hello, How R U? 
< ( . . )> 
/ (v ) 
( , , )..( ,, )... 
R U bored from MY SMS! 

< ( . . )> S o r r y 
/ ( v )(,,) again! 
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