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Coin Tricks MadLabs
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Knock Out a Coin

Here's an interesting physics experiment!

Stack up some coins on a table, then put your finger on another coin.

Now push your coin towards the stack and let go of it so that it slides and hits the stack.

If you slide your coin into the stack with enough force, it will knock the bottom coin out without knocking over the rest of the stack!
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Coin Popper

Here’s an oldie but a goldie of a science trick. Pop a 10 cent coin on the mouth of a cold bottle and let the show begin! Whoopy-doo eh?

1. Place an empty bottle in the freezer and leave it for about 30 minutes (use a plastic bottle for safety if you’re a really young whipper-snapper).

2. Take the bottle out of the freezer. Wet your finger with water and rub it around the mouth of the bottle.

3. Carefully place a 10 cent coin neatly on the bottle so that the it seals the mouth.

4. Now watch and listen carefully. Something interesting will happen very soon!

If the coin moves too much, carefully put it back so that it seals the bottle again.

what's going on?

You didn’t really place an empty bottle in the freezer … there was air in there right? When you took the bottle out of the freezer, it was full of cold air. As soon as the bottle was out of the freezer, it and the air inside started to heat up. How here’s a very important fact of nature … when you heat up a gas it expands. Air is just a mixture of gases, (mainly nitrogen, oxygen and a tiny bit of carbon dioxide), and as it heats up it tries to expand. But the 10 cent coin is blocking the hole so Instead of expanding, pressure builds up inside the bottle. When the air pressure inside is sufficiently higher than the air pressure outside the bottle, it lifts the coin momentarily allowing some air to escape. The motion is great enough to make a little “clink” sound that you should be able to hear. Pretty cool little trick eh? I reckon it’s a clinker!

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Can You Catch Coins Off of Your Elbow?

Here's a tricky experiment with gravity!

First, balance one or more coins in a stack on your elbow.

Then straighten your arm and try to catch the coins!
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